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Joanie Brosas

Professional Cosplayer

Meet Joanie Brosas! This "Nerd Girl Next Door" actually got her start in modeling at a Star Trek convention in 2010! This ended up launching her career and earning her the Trekkie title of "The Orion Slave". Since then this 5'4" exotic beauty with her 3'3" long hair has emerged as an up and coming glamour model; being featured on the cover of Internationally published magazines, Calendars, mens's magazine pictorials and even TV, such as: SiFi's Naked Vegas, Tosh.0 (as Vampirella), and the O'Reilly Factor (as The Orion Slave). In 2016 she was playfully crowned as "The New Queen of Cosplay" by though, though she still prefers to be known as "The Nerd Girl Next Door". Her proudest achievement in her cosplay career has been gracing the cover of Dynamite comic's Vampirella #2!

Joanie is a true nerd at heart, you can often find her on the floor of her favorite comic book shop, rifling trough boxes of old comics.
Joanie is also a major bookworm and computer geek, but what tops the list for this girl is calling herself a "Trekkie". She is wonderfully approachable and a down to earth girl who loves to meet new friends. When she's not at conventions, she's often found sharing her experiences and adventures on Instagram, while managing her own Patreon as well to offer a more personal experience for the more dedicated fans.

Recently having a panel at the Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, her goal is to inspire body confidence in all types, as well as share positive experiences and growth through cosplay and modeling.