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Vera Bambi

Professional Cosplayer and Model

Vera Bambi is a cosplayer, model, gamer and art enthusiast who works as a social media entertainer with aspirations in motivational speaking. Her obsession with collecting Batman statues and comic book art brought her into the convention scene in 2010. At the time, she was a model who hadn't quite found her place, and it wasn't until 2013 that she decided to give cosplay a try and began to feel at home.

Vera took the internet by STORM when she arrived at her first convention wearing a Mary Jane Watson cosplay, inspired by artist J Scott Campbell. Now-a-days, she's known for her original cosplay designs, and strong work ethic. She aims to motivate her fans to share kindness, work hard, do what you love and set goals through YouTube videos.

Vera Bambi loves to draw out original designs for cosplay, often putting her own spin on a look. On rare occasion she will do replicas, but prefers the opportunity to create what she calls her own "alternate skins". She'll often work with others commissioning within the cosplay community to bring her drawings to life, and occasionally making them herself with a focus on props.

Ambitious and creatively driven, Vera has her hands in as many activities as she does costumes, proudly using her skills in photography, digital art, video editing, storytelling, crafting, and design, with a heart felt daily focus on makeup artistry.