Kimi AMV Kontest 2018

Calling all fans that love to create AMV masterpieces, whether you are a pro, or just about to make your first video, we welcome you to participate! Check out the guidelines and important stuff on this contest below ^^


  1. All videos must abide by the duration guidelines of each category stated in the category guidelines, in addition to compliance with the KIMI AMV KONTEST official guidelines.
  2. All videos must be submitted by the individual or a member of the group (if competing as a group)
  3. Format of video must be playable on a working computer (PC, Laptop, Mac and the like) and must be in the highest resolution attainable by the kontestant.
  4. Must be suitable for a 13+ audience
  5. Submission must have minimum content composition 60-70% anime or manga style content, with the remaining percentage to cross video gaming, the song performers, and similar media that fit with the flow and direction of the submission.
  6. ALL staff, volunteers, and judges are ineligible from the competition, however, they mays still submit a video in good spirits.
  7. No use of explicit nudity (censored or non censored) hentai, serious ecchi, and definitely no pornography to be used as we will have young attendees in the panel observing AMV’s

Grounds for Disqualification:

  1. Submission of entries that do not belong to the kontestant. Cannot submit an entry on behalf of someone else.
  2. Plagiarism, dishonesty, theft of work, or content that encourages damage directly or indirectly to the contest, or event will immediately be disqualified. Severe implications will result in a permanent ban any future contests and events held by KIMIKON.
  3. Videos that contain excessive use of overlays, watermarks, texts, and studio symbols/logos with the exception of highlighting the most significant part of the video, or karaoke related assistance for the audience.
  4. Maximum of one(1) entry per category, excessive entries will be disqualified.


Click the PDF file to see the different categories you can choose!^^

Judging and Awarding

Submission Requirements

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