Tabletop Gaming

At KimiKon, we take our tabletop gaming VERY seriously. That is why we have invited two amazing organizations to bring the best in boardgames, card games, tournaments, and Dungeons & Dragons to YOU!


WoodForSheep is proud to be part of the inaugural KimiKon convention. We have a selection of current board and card games that we will be teaching Kimicon attendees. Along with our board game demo library, we also offer a wide selection of popular game titles for sale at our booth. From escape room puzzles to worker placement games, there should be something for everyone! So come drop by our booth and try a game or two (or three)!

The Role Initiative

The Role Initiative (TRI) is a group of like-minded individuals that, through the expansion of organized roleplaying games, aims to raise funds for nonprofits, charities, and other worthy causes. They organize and facilitate events, game days, and conventions to help grow the tabletop community, in addition to providing unique experiences for local gamers in the form of custom organized play content.

The Role Initiative

Nomnivore Games Inc. (NOM) cares about making ambitious games and telling stories that challenge gamers' expectations and immerse them in rich, nuanced worlds that reflect the diversity and complexity of our own. It's in our company DNA to try to raise the level of discourse in tabletop design, while treading carefully and respectfully around sensitive topics to make sure that the gaming table remains an inclusive space. Our goal isn't to focus on divisive issues or push a particular agenda, but to provide a safe space to talk about and roleplay complex moral and societal situations, and ultimately deliver a fantastically fun experience.
EMBERWIND is our attempt at that. EMBERWIND is a new tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) designed to create dynamic stories and whole-party adventures, with or without a game master. It was created with a deep respect for and experience in traditional TTRPGs, but also an awareness of the high learning curve for new players. Through the use of our RISE System, EMBERWIND can easily be picked up by new players, while still offering the beloved crunchy experience of a good adventure game for veterans.
We know that from time to time, we're going to fall short of the mark we set for ourselves–and short of the expectations the tabletop community has for us. We can't have ambitious successes without running the risk of ambitious failures. We're asking in advance for your patience when we get it wrong, and for your help having productive conversations about how to get it right. EMBERWIND is game that evolves, and we'll continually improve it with you.
Derek Chung is the fearless leader of NOM and the visionary behind EMBERWIND. While he got into game development the usual way—with a steady diet of geek media, games, anime, and beer—his unique background in psychotherapy, philosophy, and social psychology reinforced his love of shared worlds, ideas, and experiences. All of that has become the foundation to EMBERWIND, where he invites people of all ages and types to come together to tell meaningful stories and have fun.